[Lobby] Disappearing tuna

We need to defend our oceans because without them, life on Earth cannot exist.

We need to defend our oceans because without them, life on Earth cannot exist.

© Paul Hilton / Greenpeace

Tuna is a delicious fish. Think of tuna sashimi, tuna linguine in a creamy sauce, even the humble tuna salad sandwich is great for lunch. But tuna fishing under current conditions is unsustainable.

Defend our oceans now!

The global output of tuna has now reached 6.57 million tons annually. As recently as 2009, scientists were warning us that without reducing the tuna catch the southern bluefin tuna in the Atlantic will vanish altogether by 2012.

The status of tuna:Most of the tuna sashimi we eat is made from southern bluefin tuna, big eye tuna and yellowfin. These have been overfished in the Western and Central Pacific Oceans (WCPO) to an extent that stocks are dwindling to dangerously low levels. Currently, more than half of the world's tuna is now caught in the Pacific Ocean, by fishing fleets from South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines. 

The Four Endangereds

Protect tuna:Greenpeace is calling for an immediate ban on fishing with purse seine nets and long-line fishing vessels. We are also calling for establishing four areas in the Pacific as marine protection zones. The Greenpeace ship “Esperanza” has been sailing the Pacific as part of our campaign to stop overfishing.

Distinct Tuna Chart

Sharks Need Love Too

Sharks are often depicted as cruel enemies in cartoons, but in the real world it is humans who are the cruel enemy of sharks.

Scientists long ago warned that if we keep overfishing, as we have been doing for many years, economically-valuable fish species will disappear – totally. By 2048, they and the global fishing industry will be dead.

The status of the sea:Currently, only 1% of the world's oceans are under protection and over 80% of fish populations are over-exploited. Equipped with advanced technology, giant ships catch massive quantities of fish quickly, including small fish that are undersized to be sold.

Protect the oceans:Greenpeace has proposed converting 40% of the world's oceans into conservation areas. The Pacific is badly overfished and so we at Greenpeace are calling for urgency in setting up marine conservation areas in international seas in the region. If we can do this we will save fish resources for generations to come.

Protect the oceans