What We Do About Deforestation

Standard Page - 2010-11-10
Greenpeace is campaigning for zero deforestation, globally, by 2020.

Greenpeace is campaigning for zero deforestation, globally, by 2020.

To achieve this, we challenge destructive industries to change their practices, and we inspire consumer action to demand that our food, paper and timber products aren’t linked to forest destruction.

We lobby political power holders to take the co-ordinated international and local political action that’s needed to protect the world’s forests, the rights of the people who depend on them, biodiversity and the climate.

We investigate, document and expose illegal logging and forest destruction, in China and abroad.

We work alongside indigenous communities in the Amazon, the Congo, Indonesia to protect their rights and their homes.

For more on what we have done, see our victories page.

In East Asia, our Mainland China and Taiwan offices are working on the Forests issue. Here are our goals:

  1. We are working to convince palm oil importers to use only palm oil that does not come from rainforest destruction. This is part of our larger goal to end deforestation in Indonesia, much of which is caused by logging for palm oil plantations. China is the world’s second-largest importer of palm oil. Read more
  2. We are pushing the home-furnishings industry to adopt a Responsible Purchasing Policy (RPP). That means they will buy wood only from sustainable sources and stop using hardwood from the endangered Merbau tree. Read more
  3. We are lobbying companies and retailers to stop sourcing paper and paper products from Asia Pulp and Paper (APP). APP is a major culprit in logging the Indonesia rainforests. We are calling on manufacturers to stop sourcing paper from APP, and for retailers to stop carrying APP toilet paper, printer paper and other products. Read more
  4. Through our Book Lovers for Forests program, we are promoting green publishing and the use of post-consumer recycled paper and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper in books. Read more
  5. We are monitoring China’s dwindling forest resources – only 2% of which remain intact. We investigate and expose any illegal logging and conversion activities in China. Read more

In the minute it has taken you to read this page, a forest area the size of 35 football pitches has been destroyed. Our Earth’s extraordinary and irreplaceable forests need to be protected, urgently. Sign up to join the campaign here.