What You Can Do

Standard Page - 2010-11-12
Though you may not be a farmer, you can still play an important role in safeguarding our food supply.

Though you may not be a farmer, you can still play an important role in safeguarding our food supply.

A Yi woman harvesting rice in Yunnan province, China

Join us

Get involved with Greenpeace’s campaign to protect our food supply from chemical pesticides and fertilisers and genetic engineering!

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  • Support our work: Your aid can help support testing fruits and vegetables for pesticides, or testing rice and processed foods for GE ingredients. All of our money comes from individual donations; we couldn't campaign for safe food and ecological agriculture without your support.
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Support Ecological Agriculture

Do you live near a Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm? These farms often use ecological, often organic, methods to grow vegetables. You can become their member and receive weekly deliveries of fruits and vegetables. At the same time, you will support local agriculture that cares for the earth.

Tips for eating safely

  • Download our Supermarket Ranking Guide so that you can shop at store that goes the extra step to protect your health. You can find out which supermarkets in China and Hong Kong have committed to stop using hazardous pesticides, ban GE foods and more.
  • Download our Guide to GE-Free Foods: Though we can’t promise you that the snacks, beverages and processed foods in this guide are healthy, their producers have committed to ensure they are non-GE. Also, you can find out which food brands have not made the commitment. Is it your favourite biscuit?
  • Buy organic: Organic vegetables and fruits can protect you from pesticides, food additives and other chemical inputs. Organic foods are also free of GE ingredients. Tell your supermarket you want them to stock organic produce.
  • Start your own garden: Growing your own herbs and tomatoes can be an easy way to protect your food. You’ll be surprised at what you can grow in a small container garden.