Clean up the dirtiest thing on the internet

Apple, Amazon and Microsoft all use asthma-inducing, climate destroying coal power the "cloud" that stores your emails, photos, music and videos. Take action now & tell these companies to clean the cloud.


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Let's get the internet off coal

Giant data centers which store and send the terabytes of pictures, emails, songs and streaming videos we enjoy every day are now one of the fastest growing sources of new electricity demand in the world. Every day, tons of asthma-inducing, climate destroying coal pollution is thrown in the air to keep the Internet humming.

But there’s hope! The tech industry is led by a few very large companies who can choose to quit the coal habit. Thanks to you, Facebook already has. So today, we’re kicking off our campaign to see Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple -- three of the largest owners of data farms in the world -- make the switch. You can help us get their attention by being one of 100,000 people to write a message in the next 48 hours.

Send a quick note to the CEO’S of Microsoft, Amazon and Apple, asking them to quit coal.