[Document] The Rainbow Warrior sails into Asia

Our fleet of Greenpeace ships is not only an emblem of our mission to save the planet, but it is also a strong and unyielding tool.

Our fleet of Greenpeace ships is not only an emblem of our mission to save the planet, but it is also a strong and unyielding tool.

© Christian Aslund / Greenpeace

Perhaps the first image that comes to mind when you think of Greenpeace is the Rainbow Warrior and her heroic bearing as she sets sail upon the ocean.

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Captain of the Rainbow Warrior Mike Fincken:"This ship has carried people from around the world and has stood as an icon of hope over pessimism and as an emblem of action over complacency, it is time to pass that task on."

Over the last 22 years, she’s been attacked, detained, and maliciously rammed. The battle-scarred Rainbow Warrior has never shied away from hardship nor quailed in front of power and might. She has carried the hopes and determination of Greenpeace members and supporters, bringing positive change to the environment.

But last year it came time for our second Rainbow Warrior to retire from the frontline. In August, she made her final voyage, a three-month tour of Asia. Do you remember her final Greenpeace duties? We’ve recapped them for you below:


Energy saving in Hong Kong

The Rainbow Warrior sailed into Hong Kong on 7 February, marking the start of a 21-day sojourn:

Five days: We opened her decks to the public for five days, welcoming about 5,000 guests on board. Even the rain doesn’t dampen people’s spirits and we are moved by everyone’s enthusiasm.
22 schools: Hundreds of students from three primary schools, 17 secondary schools and two special schools clamber on board and get a feel of the Rainbow Warrior experience giving them a day rich in happiness and the spirit of education!
More than 180 volunteers: Our decks are manned by dozens and dozens of volunteers who spread the Greenpeace idea of positive change through action to the public and getting a taste of the action themselves!
Two actions: The Rainbow Warrior helps stage two non-violent direct actions giving you and the people of Hong Kong a voice to say: "Forget Nuclear, Love Energy Efficiency."


Circling Taiwan, Holding Hands

Circling Taiwan, Holding Hands

Before she arrived in Hong Kong, the Rainbow Warrior undertook an important task: helping Taiwan campaign for a sustainable fishing industry. She spent a month circling the island in January, on her East Asia Ocean Defenders Voyage.

Keelung, Su’ao: discussions with government, political circles, people from the community, local organizations and fishermen’s groups
Lutao: Taiwan marine conservation inspection
Kenting: More than 30 divers and 100 volunteers spelled out “Marine Reserves Now” on Baisha beach
Liuchiu, Pingtung: Forum on sustainable development
Kaohsiung: Our activists chained themselves to the anchor of a blacklisted tuna fishing ship, the Lung Yuin, to stop it leaving the harbor



Honorable retirement, noble new mission

In March, the Rainbow Warrior sailed on to South Korea where she assisted our campaign to create marine conservation areas. Immediately after Japan’s Fukushima nuclear accident, she rushed to the scene as part of our rapid response to help in radiation detection. When she returned to South Korea, she took part in launching our anti-nuclear campaign in the country, a perfect ending to her environmental career. In August, we handed her over to a Bangladesh NGO called Friendship. They renamed her Rongdhonu, Bengali for rainbow, and refit her for life as a floating hospital.

2012 New Green Voyage

The latest Rainbow Warrior is already plowing the oceans, hard at work. In March she sailed down the Amazon and was joined by 300 local forest tribes to push the Brazilian government to stop illegal deforestation. This year the Esperanza will also sail to Taiwan, continue to defend our oceans and inspire new generations through our commitment to defend the planet, our integrity and our determination.