[Review] Greenpeace around the Globe 2011

Greenpeace’s work for the environment is totally reliant on the support of our members across the globe. Today we would like to share with you some of our biggest wins in 2011.

March - Tracking the Truth behind Japan’s Nuclear Accident

Greenpeace dispatches a rapid response team, including radiation experts, following the tragic accident at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant. The team independently assesses radiation risks and reports them to local people and the rest of the world, forcing the Japanese government to increase their safe evacuation radius. We organize public rallies against nuclear power, preventing the government from restarting those nuclear reactors.

March - Making them Change their Tuna

With the help of 80,000 online supporters we lobby Princes, Britain’s top canned tuna company until it agrees to our demands to stop destructive fishing practices. They promise that by the end of 2014 all their tinned tuna will be caught by either pole and line or purse seine nets without the use of fish aggregation devices.

May - Chasing Oil Rigs from the Polar Bears’ Home

When we find out that British oil company, Cairn Energy, is about to start drilling in the Arctic, we send our Greenpeace International Director, Kumi Naidoo, Greenpeace International campaigner and Hong Kong-native, Iris Cheng, and 20 volunteers on Greenpeace ship Esperanza to their oil rig. Employing non-violent direct action we hold up drilling operations to force the company to make public its response strategy in the event of an oil spill. By the end of the year, Cairn – happily for us and the planet – reports all of its exploratory wells are dry.

June - Targeting Toymakers to Quit Destroying the Rainforest

Getting the big toymakers to stop buying packaging paper from companies that are illegally bulldozing rainforest is child’s play, especially with the help of people like you and their global customers. In just three short months after we launched our global campaign in June, we persuade Mattel (Ken said he’d split up with Barbie otherwise), Lego and Hasbro to all stop buying paper from APP – the biggest forest criminal in Indonesia.

July - Big Brands Hung Out to Dry

China’s water pollution problem is a global concern. We launch our Detox campaign in July 2011 gathering media momentum and driving consumer protests against top fashion brands for poisoning China’s river systems. Thanks to all your efforts, one by one, the top labels – Nike, Puma, Adidas, and H&M among others - commit to clean production by 2020.

September - Melting Men on Thinning Ice

Sea ice thickness is a litmus test for the rate of climate change. In September we send our ship, the Arctic Sunrise out to Svlbard in the Arctic to test the thickness of ice there. On board are top climate scientists from Cambridge University and Hong Kong campaigns manager Gloria Chang. Our results confirm our worst suspicions; the ice is melting at an alarming rate. To draw media attention we recreate the iconic image of Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man on an ice floe and film it melting.

October - The latest Rainbow Warrior is born

With the incredible help of 100,000 donors, 3 million members, 17 million Internet users and 14,000 volunteers, the third incarnation of our iconic ship, the Rainbow Warrior sets sail on her maiden voyage from Bremerhaven in Germany. Our third Rainbow Warrior is a shining example for green ship building. For example, she sails primarily under wind power and the heat from the engines is used to heat water and warm the cabins. The earth gets her new warrior, the first ship built from the keel up to win the battle for the future of the planet.

December - Friending Facebook

It took two hard years and 700,000 of you but our “Unfriend Coal” campaign finally gets Facebook to friend the planet! Facebook says it will aim to power its operations, including its data centers, using clean and renewable energy. It will also use its networks to promote energy efficiency and clean energy: the beginning of a joint partnership to turn the biggest companies on the web green.