Greenpeace East Asia

Standard Page - 2011-06-01
Greenpeace East Asia has been licensed to work in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, mainland China and Korea.

Greenpeace East Asia has been licensed to work in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, mainland China and Korea.

Management Structure

The Executive Director of Greenpeace East Asia is responsible for leading the Senior Management Team in the day-to-day operations of Greenpeace. The Executive Director also represents Greenpeace East Asia in global Greenpeace meetings to help decide on the development and direction of our campaign work.

The Senior Management Team includes the Executive Director, Program Director, Fundraising and Engagement Director, Finance Director and the Organisational Support & Regional Development Director.

Our staff focus on creating environmental change in their separate campaign areas, science and research, public engagement, non-violent direct actions, and political and corporate engagement.

The Fundraising Department focuses on fundraising, online donations, members’ services and marketing.

The Finance Department is responsible for financial planning and management, and ensuring our financial management is accountable to donors and in accordance with regulatory requirements.

The Organisational Support & Regional Development Department is in charge of human resources, legal issues, information technology, facilities management and coordinating the development of new offices.

Board of Directors

The Greenpeace East Asia board of directors is responsible for approving the annual budget and the annual report, the appointment and supervision of the Greenpeace East Asia Executive Director, and the appointment of trustees to attend the Annual General Meeting of Greenpeace board members to discuss and approve Greenpeace’s global governance.

Board members are elected by Greenpeace volunteers that have voting rights, as well as members of other Greenpeace national and regional offices.

There are currently five members in the Board of Directors of Greenpeace East Asia.

GPEA Board 


Board Member

First Elected

Term Ends

Santosh Pai (Chair)

EGM 2013


Ailun Yang 

EGM 2015


Weihsiu Chang

EGM 2012


Nam Boo-Won

EGM 2017




Mr. Santosh Pai


"I admire the unique combination of scientific research and creative action that Greenpeace represents on a global scale. The organization's independence and credibility allows it to extract maximum mileage from every cent collected from its donors and every effort made by its staff. This makes a huge difference to our world in the most effective and sustainable manner."




Ms. Ailun Yang

Environmental Philanthropy Strategist

“I worked for Greenpeace in China for more than six years. That experience had defined me as an environmentalist – the passion for the nature and a sustainable world, the courage to be at the frontline of environmental destruction and the determination to solve the problems despite all the challenges. I am very honored to become a member of the Greenpeace family again.”



Mr. Chang Wei Hsiu

 NGO research fellow, community planner

“I see that Greenpeace East Asia makes possible solidarity in Asia and campaign programming that includes global links and local action solutions, something most NGO projects need. Greenpeace responses to climate change, sustainable fishery and other environmental issues go beyond political boundaries using its long experience as an international organization, and also monitoring and keeping track of unsustainable agriculture and industrial pollution around the world. As long as we continue to take small steps of progress and change, we still have the opportunity to leap forward with hope into the world of tomorrow.”



Mr. Nam Boo-Won

 CSO Practitioner

“Greenpeace is well-known with high public credibility in environmental protection - an area where humanity's collective conscience is being tested. I am so honoured to become a board member of Greenpeace East Asia with its valuable legacy and relevant movemental activities in combating for sustainability of humanity as well as other creation. Apart from and in relation to my mission in YMCA, I wish to commit myself to the great cause of Greenpeace in reversing the 'tragedy of the commons' of our times.”