Privacy Policy and Collection of Personal Data

Standard Page - 2010-04-16
Greenpeace believes you have a fundamental right to privacy on the web, and we work to protect your security online as vigorously as possible. This policy applies to all the pages hosted on the Greenpeace site, but it does not apply to pages which we may link and whose privacy policies may differ.

‘Members’ are defined as the people who donate through our security server. ‘Supporters’ are defined as the people who sign up to receive SMS or email updates from Greenpeace, or those who sign up for volunteering work, cyber action etc.

Objectives of collecting and storing personal data:

  1.  For statistical and research purposes;
  2. To facilitate member and supporter registrations;
  3. To process donations, to issue donation receipts and to report the usage of donations;
  4. To invite people to participate in activities of Greenpeace and to provide information on the environmental work of Greenpeace;
  5.  To invite people to donate to Greenpeace;
  6. To recruit employees and volunteers.

You do not have to give us your personal data on our website, unless you sign up voluntarily via email, telephone or postal mail as a ‘member’ or a ‘supporter’ and provide your personal data during the process. We safeguard your personal data provided to us and request our service providers who foster communications between us to comply with this practice. However, if you decide not to give us your personal data, it will affect your interaction with us and limit the information received from us. 

Use of personal data:

Respecting and protecting your privacy is important to us. The personal data given to us when you register as a member or a supporter, or when you sign up to receive updates form Greenpeace will only be used for the purposes of providing environment-related information, sending you progress of our campaigns and promoting environmental charity works. We occasionally share your information with our appointed service providers to assist us in our communications with you, such as handling mail drop, in order to minimise the administrative costs.

We would like to tell you more about our environmental campaigns and to build a better world. Therefore, from time to time, we may use your personal data (including your name, address, telephone number, email address and all other information collected during or subsequent to initial registration) to stay in touch with you via telephone, SMS, postal mail and email.

Greenpeace including Greenpeace offices based in other countries may also use the aforementioned personal data to invite you to take part in our surveys, to join our activities such as vessel visiting, to buy our charitable souvenirs and to donate to the latest campaign related to recent environmental problems. If you are a member, we may also use your personal data for processing your donations, issuing receipts for your donations and updating you on how your donations are helping.

We do not sell or rent email contacts or other personally identifiable information. Greenpeace do not share or disclose our list of ‘supporters’ outside the Greenpeace organisation. Greenpeace International and Greenpeace offices based in other countries have to comply with our privacy policy when handling personal data, or else we will not share any personal information with them. If these offices are located in countries or regions where privacy laws cannot protect personal data as effectively as the laws of Hong Kong, we will not provide any personal information to them either.

When you sign up as a supporter, participate in a cyber action, sign a petition, send us an email, a letter or a fax, you can select to receive updates on upcoming cyber actions, campaign results, periodicals or other information. You can also choose to be contacted for contributing to our environmental campaigns in the future. However, you always have the right to stop any of the above activities in any time.

Sometimes your name will not be hidden when you take part in a cyber action. If you provide us with your email address or address as part of a cyber action to an organisation or a government, that information may be transmitted by Greenpeace to the recipient of the appeal via email or fax, and you may receive a response directly from the recipient. Please contact us if you suspect that your personal dada has been accessed or disclosed in the process of joining our cyber action.

We maintain some records of individuals who contact us for help or for further information in case we need to contact them later or provide further information to them in the future. However, we do not provide this information to anyone else unless you give us your consent. We do not use this information for any other purposes.

Our site is hosted on a variety of servers. Fundraising-related information is hosted on servers that we own and maintain. Our main computer is hosted by a company that is compliant with our privacy policy. Information in our website logs is not personally identifiable and we make no attempt to link you with the information you left when browsing our site. The servers only collect information about the date and time in which our web site was accessed, as well the location of the servers. At the same time, in order to improve our site performance and to evaluate traffic statistics (such as the times of day and days of week at which we see peak traffic, and to assess the relative popularity of different areas of the site), we may also track, anonymously, your movement within the site.

A 'cookie' is a small element of data that our site can send to your browser, which is then stored on your hard drive. Our web site uses cookies to customise certain options. For example, if you choose to view our site in a specific language. a unique, anonymous and encrypted piece of information will be stored on the server so that we can identify your preference. As a result, the content will be delivered in your preferred language when you revisit our site. This small amount of information stored on your computer does not contain any personal information. You may set your web browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, or to disable cookies altogether. We do not use cookies to track other of your preferences over the Internet.

Our web page uses an online communications encryption named Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which is a security protocol that provides online communications privacy for users or servers in order to prevent eavesdropping, tampering, or message forgery. It encrypts all of your personal information (such as credit card number, name and address) so that it cannot be read randomly as the information travels over the Internet. While on a secure page (such as an online form), the lock icon on the web browsers such as Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer becomes ‘locked’, as opposed to ‘un-locked’ or ‘open’ when you are just browsing.

While we use SSL encryption to protect sensitive information online, we also strive to protect your information off-line. In Greenpeace office, all of your information including your credit card number is restricted. All employees who need the information to perform a specific job (for example, our donation department) are granted access to this information only with their personal identifiable information. Our employees must use password-protected screen-savers when they leave their desk. When they return, they must re-enter their password to regain access to your information. Furthermore, all Greenpeace employees who have access to our supporters’ information are kept up-to-date on our security and privacy practices. Our employees are notified and reminded about the importance we place on privacy, and what they can do to ensure our supporters' information is protected.

Most importantly, the servers that we store personally identifiable information on are kept in a secure and locked environment.

Reviewing and correcting your personal data:
According to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance under the laws of Hong Kong, you have the right to review and correct your personal data given to us. If the process of reviewing and correcting your personal data incurs any costs, we may charge you a reasonable fee accordingly. Should you wish to review or correct your personal data, please contact Greenpeace Data Protection Officer at .

Last Modified: April 2013