Senior Researcher - Beijing

Job - 2014-09-29
More job ads can be found in Please do submit your application letter and resume written in both Chinese and English

More job ads can be found in
Please do submit your application letter and resume written in both Chinese and English




REPORTS TO: Research Team Leader





1.The Senior Researcher is responsible to develop and implement effective research and investigation to support Greenpeace’s campaigns in East Asia. Working closely with the Manager (i.e. Research Team Leader), other Greenpeace East Asia and Greenpeace International staff, the Senior Researcher will be responsible for high-level and strategic advice on research and investigation in Greenpeace’s ongoing or emerging campaigns, and assist the Manager in developing research and investigation capacity.

2.The Senior Researcher will be required to do both desktop research as well as on-the-field investigation to collect evidence and information of environmental destruction. This role is very detail-oriented, involves multiple concurrent daily deadlines and tasks, and requires ability to perform under pressure and in physically or mentally challenging situations.



1.Provide high-level and strategic advice on research and investigation in Greenpeace’s ongoing or emerging campaigns. Develop and implement effective research and investigation to support campaign goals.

2.Assist the Manger to strengthen Greenpeace East Asia’s research and investigation capacity.

3.Manage project teams to develop goals, strategies and plans related to specific work areas. Monitor team members’ performance. Determine priorities, assign responsibilities and supervise staff within project work in conjunction with the Manager.

4.Research and analyze a wide range of specialized materials on issues and strategies in relation to different campaign projects. Conduct desktop and field research and investigation work. Ensure accurate and professional research tasks are delivered timely. Keep abreast of issues. Provide timely information relevant to the campaign projects.  Prepare research materials and publications.

5.Monitor, capture, filter and organize information and data into databases to ensure strategic and valuable information is available for campaigning purpose. Analyze information and data, and produce briefing papers and reports to support campaign goals.

6.Promote support within Greenpeace to advance research and campaign goals. Make presentations, briefing papers and respond to internal or external speaking, meeting and discussion requests. May be required to do media work. Issue proper and timely media responses if needed.

7.Initiate collaboration and maintain relationship with useful groups and individuals such as freelance researchers and field investigators so as to fulfill Greenpeace research and investigation needs.

8.Manage contractors as required in compliance with Greenpeace East Asia policies. Manage project budgets and expenditure as directed by the Manager or the task giver. Prepare reports for the Manager as required.

9.Keep abreast of useful information, resources, equipment, tools, technical and technological development in related fields, to ensure research capacity is up-to-date.



1.Demonstrated ability to fulfill the responsibilities of the job with at least 2 years of experience in related fields;

2.Strong research and analytical skills; demonstrated ability to formulate research plan, collect and analyze useful data and information; knowledge of research tools and methodology;

3.Demonstrated ability to manage projects and project members to deliver objectives on time;

4.Demonstrated budget management skills;

5.Fluency in written and spoken English and the local language of the region where the position is based;

6.Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills;

7.Commitment to, and demonstrated ability to work well as part of a team;

8.Ability to work unsupervised, in a rapidly changing environment;

9.Ability to operate and lead under pressure and in physically or mentally challenging situations;

10.Ability to function effectively under public scrutiny;

11.Commitment to the mission, principles and values of Greenpeace;

12.Bachelor’s Degree or above;

13.Computer literacy.



1. Knowledge of the overall goals and intent of Greenpeace activities to support environmental protection principles.

2. Leadership, managerial and team-building: to share program knowledge; to direct, guide and motivate staff; to develop and implement program plans and strategies.

3. Organizational, administrative and budget management: to plan, organize and coordinate program activities; to address constant and varied demands on the position; to coordinate, prepare, monitor and control expenditures and budget.

4. Knowledge of environmental and ecology issues in general and expertise in issues related to one’s area of responsibility. Solid understanding and analysis of political, economic and social processes and trends. To achieve Greenpeace East Asia environmental campaign objectives and to provide specialized on-line research and content analysis.

5. Strong comprehension of the interconnected influences that culture, science, politics, economics, industry, media and social change dynamics play in environmental issues: to gain a highly developed political and strategic awareness.

6. Knowledge of researching and investigating techniques, methodology, strategies: to provide leadership for the planning and development of campaign research work; to effectively place a research work on the national (international) agenda in line with the objectives and strategies of various campaign projects.

7. Knowledge of the media including responsibilities, equipment, techniques, policies, practices, scope, audience, tactics, structure, impact: to use the media to further campaign objectives; to increase awareness and gain public support; to communicate with relevant industry and government.



1.The position works under the direction of the Research Team Leader, and assumes responsibility for leading sophisticated research and investigation projects within the Unit.

2.The position demonstrates considerable independence and initiative in the development and implementation of research and investigation plans, strategies and procedures. Judgment is exercised in directing research and investigation projects and project members. Decisions made by the position impact the success of the campaigns. Judgment and initiative are required in undertaking research and investigation activities, in consultation with the Manager. Discretion is exercised in handling confidential and sensitive information.



1.The position may exercise supervisory responsibility to 1 position if required by the manager. The position provides direction and guidance to external consultants and temporary staff, as required.

2.The position prepares, monitors and controls expenses and budget. The position has the authority to approve invoices and expenditures to a limit. Please consult with Finance Manager for the amount of approval.



1.The position works in a standard office environment, and is required to travel to other Greenpeace offices, campaign locations or locations where environmental problems require the presence of Greenpeace representatives.

2.The position may be required to work under pressure and in physically or mentally challenging situations.


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