Data Analytics Specialist - Beijing

Job - 2014-09-03
More job ads can be found in . Please do submit your application letter and resume written in both Chinese and English

More job ads can be found in
Please do submit your application letter and resume written in both Chinese and English

Greenpeace seeks Data Analytics Specialist in China

1. Overall purpose of the job

The Data Analytics Specialist contributes to our continued development in data and analysis, particularly related to the areas of news media analysis and social media analysis. Working in collaboration with a team of dedicated analysts in the Analytics Unit, the Data Analytics Specialist provides support for optimizing the performance of our communications activities including news making, social media engagement, web optimization, email marketing, and online advertising.

The Data Analytics Specialist is expected to focus on data and analysis that lead to learning and doing things differently. This position involves technical expertise in data and analytics, as well as skills in project management, communication, and teamwork.

2. Scope

This position is part of the Analytics Unit and works under the direction of the Head of Analytics. It is based in the Program Department of Greenpeace East Asia in Beijing, China. We collaborate closely with our colleagues in communications and campaigns.

3. Major functions/responsibilities

Conceptual tasks, Strategy development and/or Project management
- Act as a key interface and expert on communications data for our colleagues.
- Proactively identify data and analysis that lead to learning and specific contributions to decision-making for our campaigns and communications.
- Achieve and maintain a high level understanding of the current data flow, including data sources, structure, and content.
- Proactively identify opportunities for improvement to current processes especially in terms of data storage, analysis and communications tactics.
- Keep up-to-date on emerging technologies and look for opportunities to apply these new solutions to our work.

4. Implementation

- Develop queries and reports on a case-by-case basis to answer specific problems or questions posed by our colleagues in communications and campaigns. Current tools include MySQL (phpMyAdmin), Access, Excel, and Google Spreadsheets.
- Research and analyze communications tactics and strategies for impact.
- Assess web performance and search engine optimization (SEO) with tools including Google Analytics and Optimizely.
- Design and implement tests for the optimization of supporter recruitment and engagement. This may include A/B testing email and web pages, as well as online ads (Baidu and Google).
- Present complex information in a way that is easily understood by our colleagues.


- Lead capacity building in the Analytics Unit in at least one of the following areas: content and text analysis, natural language analysis, network analysis, predictive modeling.
- Coordinate with colleagues in other departments to the plan, implement, and evaluate digital communications. This includes news making, social media, web, email and online ads.
- Coordinate with colleagues in other departments to plan, implement, and evaluate news making.
- Coordinate with colleagues in other departments to apply lessons learned from the data and analysis.
- Coordinate with colleagues in other departments to run experiments and optimize the performance of supporter recruitment and engagement.

Compliance/Keeping Framework Conditions

- Assess, improve and automate existing data flow as necessary, including support for API connections and data extract, transformation and load (ETL) processes. Possibly help expand our tool set to include a scripting language (like R or Python).

5. Competency profile

Organizational competencies

- Professionalism, in particular ability to keep deadlines and present quality work.
- Achievement, in particular demonstrated excellence in data and analysis.
- Interpersonal relationships, in particular building trust and collaborating with others.
- Knowledge sharing, in particular presentation and illustration of the value of data and analysis.
- Values diversity, in particular working with people from different countries and backgrounds.
- Innovation, in particular demonstrating creative solutions with insights from data and analysis.

Functional competencies

- Knowledge and/or experience in the following specific software: °≠ MySQL, SQL, or Access.
- Knowledge and/or experience in Database management, in particular ETL processes.
- Fluency in written and spoken in the following language: ... Mandarin Chinese
- Fluency in written and spoken English
- Skills in written and verbal communication Method related
- Project management
- Ability to evaluate and assess
- Presentation and reporting skills
- Analytical skills
- Attention to details

Social/self competencies
- Intellectual ability to understand technical issues necessary/useful for the job

- Collaborative
- Self motivated
- Autonomous
- Tenacious
- Identification with Greenpeace goals and supporter of Greenpeace values
- Discretion and confidentiality

Specific Work Environment
- Office based in Bejing, China.
- Occasionally planned and unplanned after-hours work may be required.
- Some travel may be necessary.

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