Rimbunan Hijau’s world of forest crime & political patronage

刊物 - 2004-01-15
The global trade in illegal and destructively logged timber is now out of control.Unlawful access to forest resources, environmental damage and forest destruction, human rights abuses and social dislocation of forestdwelling peoples in some of the poorest areas of the world, are being fuelled by those who buy timber and timber products from these illegal sources.One major player in this field is Rimbunan Hijau.

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Executive summary:
This report:

  • Examines the extent and impact of Rimbunan Hijau’s (RH) timber operations in five key countries;
  • Highlights the environmental damage, human rights abuses and social suffering caused by RH;
  • Reveals some of the networks of political patronage that protect RH;
  • Details the global trade in illegal timber from RH logging operations;
  • Suggests simple and effective solutions to forest crimes and to mitigate the activities of companies like RH.

Num. pages: 20