Whale Factsheets

Standard Page - 8 January, 2009
Whales are large magnificent mammals able to live in the open ocean - some traveling further than any other mammal on earth.

Whale facts

These highly intelligent creatures have fascinated people for centuries, most of us only able to see them when they return to the surface to breathe.

But they are at risk from a host of threats such as whaling, entanglement in fishing gear, boat collisions and climate change. Despite being protected, 7 of the 13 great whales are endangered or vulnerable.

Whales are iconic representatives of marine biodiversity. By protecting these flagship species and their habitat we can help many other oceanic creatures.

Find out more about the following whales:

A global network of marine reserves covering 40 percent of the world's oceans is urgently needed so that we can effectively help whales along with the rest of life in the ocean to recover. Sign the petition here.