For a green and peaceful world we must use green and peaceful energy. The evidence is clear – nuclear power is neither. We have energy solutions available now that don’t place the environment or humanity under enormous risk. By shutting down the nuclear industry, we can ensure we tackle the greatest security threat of all, climate change.

End the Nuclear age

Nuclear is never safe

Nuclear is dangerous, dirty and not a solution to climate change. As the nuclear accidents at Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear plants have shown us – nuclear is never safe. A history of nuclear testing, accidents and bombs has left a legacy of global and regional contamination. People continue to suffer from cancers, stillbirths, miscarriages and other health effects as a result. Nuclear power also risks nuclear weapons proliferation and environmental catastrophes – there’s still no solution to deal with the lethal high-level radioactive waste generated. Find out more

End the Nuclear age

Peaceful solutions

We have been campaigning against nuclear energy and nuclear arms for over 30 years. We bear witness in test zones, conduct independent scientific assessments on the human and environmental impacts of nuclear power and take action to expose the problem. As the nuclear industry has struggled to reach the success it envisioned, it has seized on the issue of climate change. But nuclear power is not the solution to climate change. We are campaigning to promote the true solutions to the world’s energy problems and climate change  – safe, renewable energy. Find out more

Defending our oceans

Take action

Join our call for a world powered by clean, safe and affordable energy. Find out more