Never fear... the tuna iphone app is here

Feature Story - 26 March, 2012
You’re in the supermarket. You’re hankering to make a tuna sandwich when you get home. You’ve heard that some tuna brands have a more devastating impact on the health of our oceans than others, but blimey, you can’t remember which one is which right now. And there are about 20 options in front of you! What do you do?

Tuna App

With a little help from our friends at WSP Digital and Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) we’re excited to announce the launch of our Canned Tuna Guide app – a brand new iphone app that sits within AMCS’s popular Sustainable Seafood Guide app.

Armed with these cleverly combined apps, shoppers like you can make informed, ocean-friendly seafood choices for both fresh fish and canned tuna while you’re in the supermarket.

Tuna AppYou can quickly find out vital information on the state of the tuna you’re about to buy, if they use a good or bad fishing method and if the brand gives a toss about the long-term protection of Pacific tuna. The app ranks all the tuna options and gives you plenty of information on each one.

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Did you know that canned tuna brands Fish for Ever, Safcol, Aldi Portview pole and line and Coles pole and line are all good options? This is because they use a healthier species of tuna – skipjack – and fishing methods that are non-destructive and result in a low bycatch of other marine life.

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Brands such as Woolworths Home Brand, Woolworths Select and Sole Mare still have a lot of work to do to become a more sustainable canned tuna option for shoppers. At the moment not only do these brands provide consumers with little or no evidence that they have full traceability of their supply chain but they also use an unacceptable fishing method of purse seine nets with fish aggregation devices (FADs) to catch their tuna, which results in high levels of bycatch that can include sharks and turtles.

The best news… it’s free!

The new Canned Tuna Guide app gives every shopper the power to choose products that use sustainable fishing methods and avoid those that cause widespread damage to our oceans. You can’t put a price on that kind of information – so we haven’t!
The app is completely free and ready to download.

Download it now at or check out for more information. 

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