Sumatran Tigers wiped out for toilet paper

Feature Story - 24 July, 2011
We’ve just released shocking new video footage showing the agonising death of an endangered Sumatran tiger. This death is linked to toilet paper sold by the Australian supermarket chain – IGA.

There are less than 400 remaining Sumatran tigers in the wild and that number is rapidly declining as their habitat continues to be destroyed to make cheap pulp and paper products.

Our distressing new video footage shows the true cost of this. This Sumatran tiger died after becoming caught in a wild boar trap. As their habitat is increasingly wiped out, tigers are forced to hunt in areas that are smaller and closer to human activity. Not long ago there were three tiger species in the region – today there is only one and it too faces extinction.

Leading the forest destruction is Indonesia’s most notorious logging company – Asia Pulp and Paper (APP). Greenpeace has a long history exposing APP’s destructive activities. As APP carries out its aggressive expansion plans in Australia, the forest destruction is now closer to home.

One of APP’s biggest customers in Australia is the popular supermarket chain, IGA. To make its Black & Gold and IGA Signature toilet paper, IGA uses APP products.

Greenpeace has spent months urging IGA to drop its contract with APP and its Australian affiliate Solaris. Yet it has refused. IGA continues to sell toilet paper made from the dwindling rainforests in Indonesia. We need to take action.

View the pictures: Stunning endangered Sumatran tiger trapped in an Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) related acacia plantation.