Success! IGA stops using rainforest destruction

Feature Story - 24 August, 2011
We have some great news: IGA has met our demands – and the demands of thousands who wrote to IGA’s CEO – to end its role in rainforest destruction.

The supermarket chain has agreed to rule out using Indonesia’s biggest forest destroyer – Asia Pulp & Paper – to supply its toilet paper products.

IGA’s parent company Metcash was APP’s biggest Australian customer. Yet on Tuesday 23 August, Metcash released a statement announcing that the decision takes place with “immediate effect” and that Metcash will not trade with APP or its affiliates, including the Australian based Solaris, “until APP has implemented commitments to stop deforestation.”

Dropping APP is great news for Indonesia's rainforests, endangered Sumatran tigers and our climate. It's also a great win for people power – thank you to everyone who took action!

Metcash’s commitment is part of our larger campaign to stop the rapid destruction of Indonesia’s rainforests. We’re calling on other APP clients to look behind the forest giant’s greenwashing and do the same.

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Want to say thank you and congratulations to IGA/Metcash? Fill out their feedback form here.