Stop Maules Creek Coal Mine: 3 ways you can help

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Feature Story - 14 June, 2014
Not too long ago, a little-known but ancient forest in northern NSW - the Leard Forest - was a peaceful and tranquil place. Until Whitehaven Coal’s bulldozers moved in to flatten the forest for coal, that is.

Photo: Leard State Forest following a clearing campaign by Whitehaven Coal © Greenpeace

It’s never a good thing for ancient, native forests to be cleared for any purpose. But this one could make space for a massive new coal mine. The annual carbon emissions from this mine are almost the same as New Zealand's entire energy sector emits every year.

Thankfully, Whitehaven Coal has halted its winter clearing of the forest, but only until September. We still need to ensure this clearing is called off for good and this destructive coal project does not go ahead. There’s too much at stake to let this go unchallenged. Here are 3 ways you can help from home:

1. Tweet the decision maker

Newly appointed NSW Planning Minister Pru Goward rubber-stamped Whitehaven Coal’s short-sighted plan to bulldoze Leard Forest while animals were hibernating for winter. The clearing has been temporarily halted, but we still need to ensure this clearing ends for good. Tweet your opposition using one of our suggested messages below:

You might like to use one of these:

.@PruGoward I call on you to permanently halt the clearing of Leard Forest: #LeardBlockade 

.@PruGoward Please you use your authority to permanently halt Whitehaven Coal’s slaughter in Leard Forest #LeardBlockade 

.@PruGoward Surely you can see that #GentleBulldozing is a joke. Stop Whitehaven killing Leard Forest #LeardBlockade

Or you can write your own to @PruGoward using #Leardblockade

2. Spread the word on Facebook

The Leard Forest clearing is happening in a remote corner of NSW, so we’re on the ground to document the damage and bear witness to what’s being done in our name.

You can help by sharing the images far and wide. You can share this one below right now, or find more like this on the Greenpeace Australia Pacific Facebook Page.

3. Hop on the phone

It might seem old hat, but our politicians get so few phone calls and personal emails from concerned members of the public. It’s quick, very effective, and incredibly satisfying -- the perfect way to make your voice heard. You should call:

Pru Goward, Minister for Planning | +61 2 9228 5413 |

When you make your call:

  • ask to leave a message for the minister about an issue you’re concerned about

  • ensure you remain polite and respectful

  • stay on message

Use these simple talking points to guide your conversation: 

  • I’m calling to express my concern about the recent clearing of Leard Forest.

  • The forest is home to dozens of threatened species. I don’t think they should be killed to make way for a new coal mine.

  • While the world faces catastrophic climate change, the emissions from the Maules Creek Coal Mine would drive this even further and faster.

  • Whitehaven coal has failed to submit environment plans, but your department has allowed the destruction of this forest to go ahead.

  • Please reverse this decision and end the winter slaughter in the Leard State Forest.

Thanks for doing your bit!

Sadly, this is another instance of Big Coal determined to get their way at any cost. But if together we can show our politicians that there’s enough public outrage at the Leard Forest clearing, we could halt further clearing and save thousands of animals and trees.