Queensland taxpayers should not foot bill for Reef destruction

Press release - 7 September, 2014
Greenpeace is alarmed by reports that the Queensland Government is proposing to buy dredge waste from Reef destruction at Abbot Point.

It is reported that the Queensland Government plans to use the dredge waste for land reclamation and further port expansion.

“This is not a bandaid for reef dredging but salt in the wound,” said Greenpeace Head of Research Mr Adam Walters.

“The very idea that Queensland taxpayers should fund destruction of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area by buying dredge waste to build an even larger port at Abbot Point is insulting.

“This Queensland Government has once again shown it is the enemy of the Reef and cannot be trusted as its guardian.

“Faced with community outrage at plans to dump on the Reef the Queensland government has proposed the next worst solution.

"It has been reported that the Queensland Govenrment is asking the Federal Environment Minister Mr Greg Hunt to approve the new scheme.

"Minister Hunt should reject this proposal as absurd.

“The Queensland Government must explain how a bigger port, damaging dredge plumes, seagrass destruction, increased shipping and coal driven climate change is in the interests of the Reef,” Mr Walters said.

Contact: Adam Walters Greenpeace Australia Pacific 0408 029 181 or Alison Orme 0432 332 104