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Feature Story - 31 December, 2013
We're getting bigger, stronger and harder to stop. Last year 350,000 of you acted to protect our fragile environment.

Thank you for your supportFebruary: After a multi-year campaign, Indonesia's largest pulp and paper company, Asia Pulp & Paper, commits to an immediate moratorium on further forest clearance.  December: Wilmar International, the world's largest palm oil trader, announces a No Deforestation Policy in response to pressure from supporters like you, and consumers around the world.A massive global outcry helped bring about the release of the Arctic 30 and placed unprecedented scrutiny on the threat of oil drilling in the Arctic.After Woolworth's changed their policy, all Australian tuna brands have now pledged to end destructive fishing, making Australia the second country in the world to have such sustainable fishing practices.Together, we outed Coca-Cola for trying to trash recycling in Australia. Meanwhile the Northern Territory began a new ‘cash for containers' scheme and Victoria publicly backed a similar scheme after the actions taken by you.Thanks to you and your fellow Australians, we helped secure a ban on shark finning in New Zealand. The killing of sharks for their fins and dumping the bodies at sea will be illegal by October 2016.Thank you for your support!