Left behind on plastic: stalling states an embarrassment to voters

Press release - 5 September, 2017
September 6, 2017: Queensland’s Parliament has shamed the Premiers of NSW and Victoria by taking decisive action to limit plastic waste by passing a ban on single-use bags and a drinks container refund scheme into law.

The Waste Reduction and Recycling Amendment Bill was passed with bipartisan support last night.

“With this law, Queensland become the latest state to listen to the people and take decisive action to limit plastic waste,” Greenpeace campaigner Samantha Wockner said.

“Despite polls showing overwhelming support for banning the bag both Victoria and NSW are saddled with do-nothing Premiers who are refusing to take the hint.

“Other states have now proved we can reduce plastic waste - the governments who aren't on board yet for bag bans or a container deposit scheme need to up their game.”

Queensland’s new law sees it join South Australia, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and the ACT which all have bans on single-use plastic bags. Western Australia has stated it hopes to introduce a ban on bags in the next 18 months.

NSW and Victoria are yet to implement any policy on bags.

“Every year in Australia, tens of millions of plastic bags make their way into our waterways and eventually end inside marine life and our food,” Wockner said.

“By continuing to fail to act on plastic bags NSW and Victoria are ensuring an estimated 1.6 - 2 billion more bags per year will be used in Australia [2].”


[1] http://bit.ly/2eCLL21

[2] http://bit.ly/2w4zQA9


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