Greenpeace Responds to Harvard Study Revealing That Exxon Misled on Climate Change

Press release - 23 August, 2017
August 23, 2017, Washington, DC: In response to the peer-reviewed study from Harvard University that compares what Exxon privately knew about climate change with what the company said publicly, Greenpeace USA Climate Liability Campaigner Naomi Ages said.

“Exxon has officially run out of excuses. This peer-reviewed study from Harvard is just the latest piece of evidence indicating that the largest oil company in the world knew about the risks of climate change, but concealed them from the public and shareholders.

"State attorneys general dedicated to protecting people and the environment from recent assaults should act now to hold polluters accountable for the biggest crisis facing humanity.

"The pressure on the parties most responsible for climate change will continue, from investors who recognize the economic risks, to attorneys general in Massachusetts and New York, to the majority of the people in this country who know we need action on climate change.”



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