Greenpeace to Malcolm Turnbull: don’t turn Australia into world’s nuclear rubbish dump

SYDNEY, 29 October 2015 - Greenpeace activists arrived at Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s electorate office this morning with stage prop barrels mocked up as radioactive waste to send the message that Australia shouldn’t be turned into the world’s nuclear waste dump.

“Our activists wanted to ask Mr. Turnbull where the barrels should be delivered," said Emma Gibson, Head of Program at Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

Mr. Turnbull said on Wednesday that the country should look closely at expanding its nuclear industry, including storing nuclear waste from other nations.

“If Australia takes the world’s nuclear waste then it will obviously have to be dumped in somebody’s electorate," said Ms Gibson.

“The new Prime Minister has given some significant signals that his government is more interested in science and good policy than his predecessor, but the nuclear thought bubble is just plain wrong headed.

“Australians don’t want this country to become the world’s nuclear rubbish dump.

“If the government really wants to boost the Australian economy, how about making us a world leader in solar power and the renewables industry?

“You'd have to be pretty foolish to take on the cost, risk and responsibility of managing the nuclear waste of other countries for literally thousands of years.

“Mr Turnbull has indicated that he wants to lead a government focused on innovation, but nuclear power is heavy old tech. We need to move towards clean, modern solutions to our energy needs, like solar power and other renewables," she said.

29 October, 2015 - Greenpeace Australia Pacific activists deliver mock barrels of nuclear waste to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's Sydney office to protest the mooted expansion of the nuclear industry in the country.


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