Decision made in case against Arctic Oil in Norway: Right to a healthy environment acknowledged

Press release - 4 January, 2018
Oslo, Norway, January 5, 2018 – In the case brought against the Norwegian Government by Greenpeace Norway, Nature and Youth and the Grandparents Climate Campaign for granting new oil licenses to drill in the Arctic, the Oslo District Court yesterday reached a decision. [1] [2]
The Court found the Norwegian government not responsible for breaching the Constitution. However, the Court found that the right to a healthy environment is protected by the Constitution and the Government must uphold those rights. In reaction to the judgment, the head of Greenpeace Norway, Truls Gulowsen, said:

"While it's good news that the judgment acknowledges the Environmental Article in the Norwegian Constitution, it's very disappointing that it neglects Norway’s responsibility for damaging the planet’s climate.

“The demand for immediate action against climate change may not have been heard by the Norwegian government or courts, but every environment defender has heard the millions of people across the world who want Arctic protection. This decision should serve to shape the playbook which is being used everywhere by people taking their governments to court to protect their basic human right to a healthy environment."

Ingrid Skjoldvær, head of Nature and Youth, said:

“We have shown that the Norwegian Constitution gives future generations the right to a safe and healthy environment. We see this as an important step for stronger protection of the environment, that can serve as inspiration for youth all around the world.”

More than half a million people, including 25,000 Australians, have submitted their names supporting the court case against Arctic oil drilling, and have asked the Norwegian government to withdraw the new oil licenses in the Arctic.



[1] More about the case can be read here

[2] The judgement can be found here.

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Photos and clip reel can be seen here.


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