Our funding

Standard Page - 2 November, 2016
Curious about how Greenpeace Australia Pacific raises its money? Below are some frequently asked questions about who funds us and what we do with the money.

How does Greenpeace Australia Pacific fund itself?

Greenpeace Australia Pacific is an independent environmental campaigning organisation that uses non-violent direct action to work for solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future.

More than 95% of our funding comes from generous individual donors, which allows us to make independent decisions and take action on campaigns that matter the most to our supporters.

We also receive some grant money from Greenpeace International, based in Amsterdam, and from private foundations and philanthropic organisations for specific projects.

What does Greenpeace do with the money?

Our funds are used to pay for all the campaigns that we run, from protecting the Great Barrier Reef and the Amazon jungle, to dealing with climate change and promoting environmentally sustainable solutions. We also spend money on administration to help ensure our organisation is run efficiently and effectively, with optimum oversight.

Does Greenpeace accept money from governments or corporations?

No. We don’t seek or accept funding from corporations, governments, political parties, or multi-national governmental bodies, such as the United Nations or the European Union.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific prizes its independence and integrity, so we never ask for or accept donations that could compromise these values.

Do you accept any money from non-Australian organisations?

Yes. Greenpeace receives grants from Greenpeace International to help us in our campaigns. We also receive a small amount of grant income from off-shore philanthropic organisations.

How does Greenpeace Australia Pacific spend its money?

Since 2011 (referring to our most recent statements), we have spent over half our income (56%) annually on campaigning and about a third (34%) on fundraising, including building our relationships with supporters and finding new ones. This is because we rely overwhelmingly on members of the public for support and don’t accept government and corporate funding. About 10 percent of our income is spent on administration costs.

You can find our financial statements here.

Can I choose a specific campaign to be funded?

Unless otherwise stated, all of the money we raise goes to the Greenpeace Trust Fund, which is an untied or unrestricted general fund. "Unrestricted" funds are donations that are available for Greenpeace to use for campaigns our supporters are interested in.

Besides general campaigns and operating expenses, this means Greenpeace can spend money where there is the most pressing need - for example, to respond to an urgent environmental crisis.

In some special cases, we can accept funds tied to a specific campaign. If we invite the general public to donate to a specific cause, a recognised accounting method is used to track and control donations. We report back on amounts raised, how it was spent, and the net proportion used for the purpose or cause.

We also try not to raise more than the activities we budgeted for, and develop plans for dealing with a shortfall or excess of funds on specific fundraising projects. We take every effort to provide full and fair disclosure in managing donor-designated gifts.

Does any of your income get sent to other Greenpeace organisations?

Yes. Greenpeace Australia Pacific makes contributions to Greenpeace International as part of our commitment to fund global campaigns, such as saving the Amazon and preventing oil exploration and drilling in the Arctic, and to help offices with limited fundraising programs and opportunities.

Why does Greenpeace put so much emphasis on having regular donors?

We strongly value our regular donors because their monthly gifts give us the financial security to make long-term commitments to our campaigns, and enable us to plan ahead while responding quickly and remaining independent. Regular donations also minimise our administration costs.

Our regular donors are often surprised to realise the impact they have made, as their monthly donation accumulates over time into an amount that truly has the power to solve the complex and difficult problems the planet faces.

Why does Greenpeace use face-to-face or street fundraising?

Face-to-face fundraising provides Greenpeace with absolutely vital funding. Without the generous donations made by Australians this way, we couldn’t deliver our campaigns to protect this country’s nature and the entire planet.

Street and door fundraising has been used effectively in Australia since the late 1990s, and every year donors give hundreds of millions of dollars to Australian charities after being inspired by a face-to-face fundraiser.

If you’ve had a pleasant or unpleasant experience with a Greenpeace fundraising representative, please call our Supporter Relationships team on 1800 815 151.

Will I hear from you after I make a donation?

Since so much of our funding comes from individual donations, we prioritise keeping supporters up to date on our activities with phone calls and emails.

In doing this, we are guided by the principles outlined in the INGO Accountability Charter, where we respect the rights of donors:

  • to be informed about causes for which we are fundraising;
  • to be informed about how their donation is being used;
  • for their personal information to be held confidentially and have their names deleted from mailing lists;
  • to be informed of the status and authority of fundraisers;
  • and to anonymity except in cases where the size of their donation is such that it might be relevant to our independence.

Why do you keep calling me?

Keeping in touch with our supporters ensures that we are hear your views. But we know that our supporters are busy, so we promise that:

  • we will always make an effort to contact you to update you on how your donations are helping to save the planet;
  • we will always take action if others acting on our behalf fail to meet our high standards in terms of respectful communication;
  • we will never phone you unless you have expressed an interest in our work;
  • we will always check first that you’re happy to speak to us when we phone;
  • if you tell us you don’t want to hear from us again, or want to hear from us less, we will respect that and update our internal contact list.

Why do I get so many emails asking me to donate money when I already support Greenpeace?

Greenpeace exists because of the donations from generous people like yourself. In order to continue our campaigning work, we do try and raise more funds from time to time. Every little bit helps, from maintaining our ships, to training volunteers, painting banners, researching reports and making phone calls to politicians.

You can, of course, unsubscribe from receiving emails at any point.

Please locate the unsubscribe button on the email or alternatively please call our Supporter Relationships team on 1800 815 151 for help.